Top 50 Start-ups von morgen

Top 50 start-ups
Top 50 start-ups

Die Nachrichtenagentur Dow Jones hat eine Liste der 50 viel versprechendsten Technologie-Start-ups veröffentlicht. Ausgewählt wurden die Teams von Vertretern führender US-VC-Gesellschaften.

FASTech’s 50 Start-Ups to Watch

Dow Jones VentureWire examined hundreds of young technology start-ups that have raised venture capital during this challenging economy and chose 50 of the most promising ones to watch. Assisting with the selection was the FASTech Advisory Board – a panel comprised of 10 seasoned venture capitalists.

Chosen based on a combination of their value in the marketplace, how innovative their products are, influential investors they’ve attracted and the track records of their founders, the resulting list (see below) spans a broad range of industries, such as consumer Web, software and security, mobile, health-care IT and energy. All companies are in the early stages and haven’t raised more than two rounds of venture capital financing. We are pleased to announce FASTech’s 50 Start-Ups to Watch:

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